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Registration Help

Q.I didn't get my confirmation email. What should I do?

A.First, check your bulk/junk folder. Maybe your email server thinks we're spam (heaven forbid)! If you do happen to find us there, please move us to your inbox and flag us as a "safe sender" to avoid any future mishaps.

Q.Ack! I checked my bulk folder and don't see anything!? What do I do now?

A.Check to make sure that your registered email was input correctly. Problems like that happen now and then, especially with speed typists. So double-check and make sure we didn't send it to "iloveperfectwok@perfectworld.com" instead of "iloveperfectworld@perfectworld.com".

Q.Gah! All my info is correct and I'm still not getting my confirmation email! What gives?!

A.Stay calm, we're working on it. We have a complex mail system that attempts to reach your mailbox every minute. It will try for six hours before giving up on ya.

Q.But I can't wait six hours! Help!

A.Well if that's the case, send a friendly email (I stress the word "friendly") via this link. We'll do our best to get your situation resolved ASAP.